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Moy Wayne Hylton, Jr.

    December 17, 1936  -  March 19, 2012

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Born: December 17, 1936

Death: March 19, 2012

Occupation: employed by S. R. Draper Paving Company for over 40 years, retiring as Vice President

Hobbies: He loved TV Western movies, raising tomatoes, reading and playing tennis. He loved the mountains and spending time in the woods. Wayne valued time spent with family and was faithful in visiting aunts, uncles and cousins.

Organizations: Graduated from Jefferson High and National Business College,a faithful member of Virginia Heights Baptist Church and served as a Deacon, bus driver and usher.

Memorial donations may be made to:
Virginia Heights Baptist Church General Fund, 2014 Memorial Ave, SW, Roanoke VA 24015

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South Chapel
Roanoke, VA